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Fully Stock Glassware for Your Bar

Posted by Aaron Frankel on
Fully Stock Glassware for Your Bar

When those first guests cross the threshold into your home, you take their coat, offer them a seat, and ask, “What would you like to drink?” No matter what they say, you’ll want to offer it to them in the appropriate bar glassware. That’s just being a good host.

We like to have a wide range of glass on hand at all times along with a fully stocked home bar for those very moments. That way, no matter what drinks our guests are craving, we can mix it for them and serve it in the correct glass. 

As the holiday season rolls in, it might be a good time to consider your own drinkware, barware, and bar accessories. If you’re having family over, you may already know what everyone will want to drink. It’s easy to plan for that. However, if you’re having a wide group of friends to your house, you should be prepared for anything.

If you’re looking for a bar glass checklist, we’ve got one for you right here. You can buy many of these glasses online or even hunt them down at a second hand store. Once you’ve got them, you’ll be ready for thirsty visitors to drop by anytime.

Beer Glasses

Odds are you’ve stocked up on IPAs, pilsners, stouts, sour ales, and a variety of other beer styles for your party. If you’ve put that much effort into hoppy beverages, make sure you’ve got the right glassware for it. 

The classic option is the pint glass, much like our custom hand blown beer glasses. These glasses work with almost any beer and they’re easy to clean and store. That’s often why bars prefer pint glasses for their draft beer selections.

If you’re looking to get fancy, beer glasses can get very specific. Tulip glasses, pilsner glasses, and sour glasses are just a few of the specialized beer glasses you may find. Even the IPA and the stout now have their own unique drinkware. If you choose to expand your beer glass selection, find a large and clean place where you can store all of them.

Cocktail Glasses

For those festive occasions, your friends will certainly want a cocktail — or maybe a mocktail for those refraining. Of course there are as many glass options for cocktails as there are cocktail variations for the negroni. So it’s best to hone in on the most popular cocktail glasses so your home bar isn’t inundated with fancy drinkware.

We recommend finding a good martini glass, a margarita glass, a rocks glass, and a high-ball glass. Armed with these options, you’ll be able to mix up nearly any cocktail your guests can think of. Of course, if you’d really like to impress the cocktail connoisseurs in your home, find a couple tiki glasses, julep cups, and mule mugs.

Wine Glasses

It’s a fact that exactly 45 percent of your guests will arrive with a bottle of wine. It’s harder to gauge how many of those guests will bring white wine and how many will bring red. That’s why a good home bar is prepared for both options with enough white wine glasses and red wine glasses.

In case of a toast, stock a few champagne glasses in your bar as well. You’ll want to have at least a baker’s dozen for a dinner party. If you’re planning to have a larger crowd, consider getting recyclable champagne flutes in bulk.

Glasses for Liquor

When it comes time for a night cap, you’ll want to splash a bit of whiskey, rum, or whatever your liquor of choice into an appropriate glass. A good whiskey glass is something you should always have on hand for yourself. If you plan on sharing a bottle with your friends, get about four or five.

Our custom whiskey glasses also feature your alma mater emblazoned on the bottom of the glass. If you get a matching set, you can show off your school pride to all of your guests at the end of the night.